You can get it together after deducting the number of massages.

The hospital is the best women’s hospital in Bundang.
I’m working in Bunje.
And eight weeks? Nine weeks?
I started looking for postpartum care centers.

I’ve been through it pretty quickly.
Famous and good places can be booked up quickly.
I was searching for a good place nearby.
We’ve finally narrowed it down to two places.

  1. Dielin postpartum care center
  2. Postpartum Care Center at Bundang First Women’s Hospital

    The advantages of number one and number two were stark.
    Number 1 is in a single building + nature.
    It was nice to relax quietly.

    Number two, after giving birth at the hospital.
    The advantage of not moving in a car.
    When an issue arises with a child or mother.
    I liked the fact that I was able to respond immediately.

    Don’t tell me there’s a big issue after thinking about it…?
    It could be the last break with the thought of that.
    I’ve decided to focus more on the healing area and call it Dierlin.

If you proceed with the contract with Dielin,
It includes two prenatal massages.
You can get a prenatal massage from a place called Tesspa.
There’s a place called Tesspa.
It’s a pretty famous place for good massage.
And he’s famous for his wickedness.

This is Dieline, the postpartum care center.
Actually, because of Corona,
He’s been keeping outsiders out of the way.
Thanks to you, I couldn’t go on an internal tour of the cookhouse.
Photos on the homepage
I had to decide by looking at all kinds of blogs and cafe photos.

Most blogs and cafe reviews are good.
I’m just taking it easy.

Tesspa is located next to Dielin.
If you get a massage while staying in the cookhouse
There’s a pathway connecting the cook and the tespa.
They say you can go straight without going outside.

Because I’m an outsider who hasn’t been admitted yet.
I parked my car and went into the entrance on the first floor.
I’ve been there twice in total.
There were no seats in the parking lot downstairs on this day.
I parked in the parking lot up there and entered the entrance on the first floor.

This is the entrance to B1.
The second time I went, I was in the parking lot downstairs.
There was a parking lot.

Put your shoes in the shoe rack at the entrance.
Change into slippers.
Take the elevator or take the stairs.
We can go up to the first floor.
Of course I used the elevator.

From now on, it’s reception on the first floor.

It’s a proper blend of luxurious and neat.
And you don’t have to beat around the bush again.
It was very private.
On the second visit, the other mother…
Except for one brief encounter.
I couldn’t see anyone but you.

In Tesspa, the mother who booked Dielin,
I’ll be on Kakaotalk later in the 20th week.
Late 20 to early 30 weeks.
You said it was good to get a massage.
They made a reservation during this period.

Pregnant massage is conducted twice in a 60-minute course.
It reduces edema and pain.
It’s called blood circulation care.

I’m closed on Sundays.
Reservations can be made from Monday to Saturday

I’m an unemployed man with a lot of time.
I made a reservation for the daytime because I slept a lot in the morning.

To get back to the main story,
I’ll be guided when I get here.
I’m encouraged to go to the bathroom at this point.
I’m afraid that in the second half of the pregnancy,
I think it’s because I have to pee a lot.

The bathroom’s spacious and well-decorated with props.

On the first and second visits, respectively.
This is the room I was guided to.
Every bed because it’s a pregnant woman’s massage.
We have a very large body pillow ready.
In fact, a big body pillow like that…
I thought it might be uncomfortable, but…
That’s so comfortable!!!!!
I should have bought a bigger body pillow.
It’s so comfortable that I feel like it.

And with the first massage.
The person who gave me the second massage was different.
In conclusion, both of you gave me a taste of heaven.

If you have to compare it, the massage skill is…
I think the first caretaker was better.
The second caretaker is a little bit more in my condition.
Thank you very much for your attention.

After the massage,
There’s an after-tea at the reception on the first floor.
The teacup I prepared was so pretty.
It’s good to get a massage and rest on that day.
In some cases, a day or two.
Listening to the explanation that you may experience a slight body ache.
I sipped my tea.

But I’m kind of a massage person.
Maybe it’s because it’s so comfortable.
I couldn’t rest because I went home and did housework.
I wasn’t getting sick, I was rather fresh.

Tesspa, until you get a second massage.
Once you’ve added a massage and paid for it,
It’s better than making decisions and paying at the cookhouse.
There are some benefits.

Actually, the massage price is evil.
I’ve been thinking a lot about it since I got an estimate.
(60 minutes, 90 minutes, 120 minutes)
60 minutes + 90 minutes mix,
I remember it was tied up like this for 90 minutes and 8 for 120 minutes)

I’ll tell Jay how much it costs.
I told him I was worried about what to do.
Jay told me to take it if I wanted to.
He told me to do what I wanted.

I was thinking about it after the first episode.
The bottom line is we’re getting a 90-minute package.
Cooking cost and massage cost.
It was a 강남수안보안마 formidable cost.
I don’t know when I’m going to get this luxury.
I told you I blew it.Haha

Oh, I was worried about…
If you make a reservation at the cookhouse, it’s 2 prenatal and 3 prenatal.
Three postpartum service massage.
Also received all the additional massage you paid for
I’m supposed to get a massage almost every day.
I was wondering if this would be possible.
So I asked you a couple of questions.

  1. There’s a couple massage room.
    I was wondering if I could get a massage with my husband.
    From the number of times I paid,
    You can get it together after deducting your husband’s number of massages.
  2. During my cooking life
    If you don’t get all the massage
    I asked him if he could visit and get it after he left the hospital.
    I heard that this is possible, too.

    So I’ll make the payment comfortable.
    I’m waiting for the cooker’s admission day.
    (Waiting for admission to the cookhouse)
    It’s a secret that it’s purely because of the massage)

Tesspa is right next to Dielin.
I can’t get there by public transportation.^^
And on the way,
You’ll encounter a narrow off-road.
Drive safely.

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