Private Yoon Jeong-moon Massage that operates.

I’ve been staying at home for a long time lately.

She’s sick all over the place.

There are a lot of people.

And since it’s koshi soup, it’s massage.

You want to get it, but you don’t feel comfortable.

There are a lot of people.

I’ve also been receiving my usual place for two years.

I couldn’t find it, so my whole body was hurting.

That’s why I and others have been doing massage lately.

Where you can receive it privately.

I think you prefer it a lot.

in that sense

Yunjeongmun Massage, famous for its kundae massages,

I’d like to write a post that I’d like to introduce to you.

32, Seongsu-ro 10-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul

Located in Room 309 of the Changmi Building.

Parking is also available.

For those of you who come by public transportation,

Get off at Exit 1 of Seongsu Station.

Kookmin Bank building opposite the Sacred Holiness Church

You can come to the third floor.

The biggest feature of the massages is…

It’s about the state-authorized massager doing it himself.

Your former job was a health trainer.

You have a quick, accurate understanding of the body.

I can trust you because you know it.

Besides, the title of the National Certified Massager.

Yeah. Usually in places like Thai Massage.

More accurately and clearly than you receive.

I think it has the advantage of being able to release him.

Sometimes when you get it wrong, it’s more cohesive.

But without it, it’s really cool.

I was able to get it.

The price is 70,000 won per session.

That’s very reasonable.

The massage takes about an hour and a half.

The price of 70,000 won is rather.

It was almost as cheap as it felt cheap.

And the state-approved masseuse himself.

I’m sure it’s cool because you’re doing it for me.

I’ve come to think this price is ridiculous.

It’s 70,000 won per time, but 10 times and 20 times.

You can get a membership on a unit basis.

If you cut 10 or 20 times, you’ll get a discount.

When I get in, I usually massage.

Those of you who like it and like it, you can get a membership.

I think it would be more beneficial to hang up.

There’s a bathroom close to the outside.

It’s convenient on the outside.

I was wondering if I was in the right place.

I can lift it, but it’s so private.

It’s been managed, so this is rather…

I liked it.

Usually when there’s an appointment guest or in the middle of a procedure,

You put a “pulling” ring on the door.

If you think it’s too early, you’re out there.

I thought we could wait.

If you put yourself in a different position, I’ll do the procedure.

I’m picking it up, and someone comes in.

It’s so uncomfortable waiting.

I loved that, too.

Unlike the outside, the inside is clean.

That’s a nice decoration.

It feels so cute.

I noticed something neat.

Usually, when you go to get a massage,

Maybe it’s clean because of the dull atmosphere.

It’s impossible to identify, a slightly damp smell.

It smells like a basement.

I’ve got frowned upon.

It’s so neat and tidy.

I can see the state of cleaning at a glance.

It smells like a basement.

I’m glad I didn’t show up.

I think I have a sensitive nose.

When I smell something, I tend to get rejected.

It’s the cleanest massage shop I’ve ever been to.

He liked it.

Wow, in the picture, I’m a former health trainer.

There’s a picture that’s as cool as it is.

The picture is so nice.Bonnie’s eyes

He kept going.

I may be particularly neat, but…

Even a mirror like this is clean.

It’s been maintained, so I feel comfortable.

Clean without a speck of dust-free.

I’ve seen you take care of it, and I’ve seen you in this koshi soup

I thought you could feel free to come.

In addition, prevention and thorough disinfection.

I’m relieved to hear that you’re going to me.

Here’s a picture of the fitting room.

You’ve got a neat fitting room, too.

It was small, but there was everything to be there.

For women with long hair.

She’s so meticulous when she sees a hair tie.

I thought you were ready.

Plus, the massage suit I’ve prepared.

I liked it. I didn’t smell anything bad.

It didn’t feel fresh. It felt fresh.

You know, the clothes you usually wear in the sauna, take them off.

There were times when I had a hard time with the damp smell.

I’m sure you’ll be able to keep these massage suits clean.

I think I can trust him.

The most important reason for visiting Konkuk University Massage.

I see some state-approved massage certificates.

The picture of the health trainer I saw up there.

Now that I’ve seen a license like this, I trust you.

I went up and I couldn’t wait to get a massage.

When you first visit, you’ll be able to see your membership card.

I can write it down.

Is there any particular inconvenience?

The intensity you want, the part you don’t want.

You can check if it has it or not.

I want my legs to be strong.

His shoulder and neck are particularly painful.

I don’t know how to take it easy.

When you get a massage, check it out in advance.

I felt very comfortable.

There’s a bed for one person only.

It’s a one-person shop, so there’s a private space like this.

In addition to being there, in a day.

Only five people got a reservation.

Without any inconvenience you may encounter.

It’s comfortable to receive.

I liked it.

If you look for a private massage,

It’s just a very expensive shops.

Like this, the state-approved massage parlor is going to be a one-man shop.

Operational and affordable.

I guess this is the only place for Konkuk University massage.

I thought about it.

I’ve been getting a massage for an hour and a half.

I’ve already seen your license and your photo, and I’m looking forward to it.

I think it’s hard to be satisfied.

I heard it, but it was 일문공 more than I thought.

It was the coolest massage I’ve ever received.

Besides, there’s some uncomfortable parts that I’ve already checked.

Don’t forget your pain.

They took care of me very carefully.

Revisiting doctors account for 200 per cent.

Pay for Zero Pay and Kakao Pay.

It’s possible, even if it’s a payment.

I thought it would be easy and convenient.

Only five people a day, a one-person shop.

Private Yoon Jeong-moon Massage that operates.

I’ve been posting.

I’m pretty far from home.

I love the taste of your hands.

I’d like to visit again.

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