We decided to accept the terms of the financial company.

It may be a bit exaggerated to think that the result of the election is a “failure of real estate policy.” However, it is true that at this point, many people are disappointed by the real estate problem and that disappointment is at the critical point. The government is also using various methods to regulate it, especially it seems that it is related to loans that are under pressure.

Especially, loans to overheated speculation areas under intensive crackdown are considered more difficult. From the perspective of real users, we would like 폰테크 to take time to think about how to solve this problem.

In the past, loans were available at a fairly high rate based on the sale price when purchasing real estate, but now the limit rate has been lowered and screening is very difficult to quell the speculative bubble.

However, real users can receive loans by applying stricter standards, and there is a way to inquire at a place that corresponds to a second financial institution other than a institutional financial institution.

There are many difficulties for actual consumers because most of the areas where people live and demand are in high demand, including Seoul and Gyeonggi-do, have become subject to regulation.

Many ordinary people think their dreams have fallen away, but the proportion of cash needed to buy a house has increased considerably, which is a burden.

If you say 500 million won in sales, you can think of more than 250 million won as a purchase if you have it in cash.

However, many people do not fall under this condition, so you need to be careful. Especially if you are a real customer, you can use this method because you can use the nesting product to 70% LTV.

(It’s less than 600 million houses and only one house.) Then I’ll give you a summary of what to do with loans to overheated speculation areas, other than the actual demand.

First of all, we receive a loan to the extent that it is provided to a designated financial institution. After that, you have to go to the 2nd financial institution to receive the insufficient amount.

You need to consider insurance companies, capital, savings banks, and P2P to respond. The additional consideration is the occupation of the consumer, but you may want to proceed slightly to the advantage of the individual business.

However, if you do business related to rental businesses and real estate, you will be excluded, and if you rent more than 100 million won, the use of business funds should be proven based on various data.

We’ve given you a rough idea of how to approach it, so please review what district your home is, and then access the financial institution sequentially to raise the necessary funds.

Should I get a second financial subordinate?
L’s worries are deepening.

The businessman, L, lived in Gyeonggi-do and tried to set his house as collateral to get a loan from the business, but the financial institution that he was dealing with was informed that there was no limit on loans to overheated speculation areas.

Since other banks are similar, Mr. L was rather gloomy. It was the second finance that I found out when I was looking for something else. It was a bit disappointing that the limit was 100 million won, but other institutions couldn’t approve it at all, so I was able to solve the problem of funds using this method first.

The interest rate was not as high as I thought, so there was no problem in the operation of the funds, and the maturity is sufficient, so I will pay back while doing business.

From general banking to secondary financing to P2P financing
What’s Mr. K’s last choice?

Mr. M was looking for several apartments to save money and achieve his dream of getting my own house. I found a house in a metropolitan area and decided to sign a contract, but it became difficult to pay because it was a government-controlled district. I asked a financial institution, and no matter how much demand you have, I received the answer that it is difficult to make a loan as before.

I was thinking about where to get the rest of the money, and I checked online because P2P said it would be a loan to an overheated speculation area. In terms of interest rates, it was a heavy burden, but I decided to accept the terms of the financial company because I needed funds urgently.

The business owner said it could be a little advantageous, but Mr. M proceeded according to his conditions because it was difficult to do anything. It was proceeded by filling up all the necessary limits for the payment. Mr. M didn’t have much difficulty moving in, and now all he has to do is work hard to reduce his debts.

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