“He is known as one of the strikers,” he said.

Can Yang Hyun-jong (33, Texas Rangers) be named the roster of the opening season of the US major league in the 2021 season?

He was eliminated from Texas’ starting nomination, and he cannot be named in the Tandem (1+1) candidate. According to Kennedy Landry of MLB.com on the 1st (Korea time), Texas has even made up three starts with Kyle Gibson-Arihara Gohei-Mike Poltinevich. Texas coach Chris Woodward then filled the fourth and fifth with right-handers, but immediately connected the left-hander to back up: the tandem (1+1) strategy. 4 starter right-hander Jordan Lyles was put on a left-hand Taylor Hun, and left-hander Wes Benjamin was on standby behind five-star right-hander Dan Dunning; Dunning is expected to limit the number of innings.

But Woodward wants Lyles to evolve into a full four-star, with Woodward saying, “Riles’ full four-star conversion is not a later one but a coming-of-the-art one.”

The rotation order is Gibson (Kenzas City Royals, season opener), Arihara (Kenzas City match), Lyles + Hen (Kenzas City match) and Poltinevich (Toronto Blue Jays, home opener) – Dunning + Benjamin (Toronto match). “It is a very difficult challenge to carry out the tandem strategy throughout the year,” Woodward said. “I want one of the tandem resources to be included in the normal selection rotation. In particular, I hope that Lyles, who has no limit on innings, will be the target. Lyles has done a lot of innings in the past, and he also makes up the pitching story. “

Yang received many opportunities from Woodward during the spring camp invitation; he was given a start and four bullpen appearances. He had 12 hits (one homer), 3 walks, 10 strikeouts and 5.40 ERA in total 10 innings; an on-base percentage of 1.50 per inning; and a grounder and fly ball ratio of 1.25.

Yang Hyun-jong, who has experienced the US stage in the trust of the Texas leadership, including Texas President John Daniels, Chris Young and Vice President Josh Boyd, is now competing for a bullpen. A spot is empty in the Texas opener roster (26 players). Recently, the fielder Lugneed O’Dore has been excluded from power, leaving a spot. Texas decided to announce its opening roster on Sunday.

Local media are comparing the competition between Yang Hyun-jong and Hunter Wood, who also joined the Spring Camp invitation, but Yang Hyun-jong is a big league rookie and Wood is a big league fifth-year player. In particular, Yang Hyun-jong has a minor league option, and Wood is not. Yang Hyun-jong is the last hope to replace left-hander Brett Martin and Joeli Rodriguez, who eventually left the power due to injuries.

Bayern Munich (Germany) will push for Son Heung-min (29, Tottenham) next year, reports say. Sohn Heung-min and Tottenham are in a slump in negotiations for a contract, and they are planning to recruit Son Heung-min 스포츠중계 at the time of one year left.

“Bayern Munich is preparing to recruit Son Heung-min,” the British Football Insider reported on the 1st (Korea time) and said, “We plan to recruit Son Heung-min after waiting a year in the face of the stalemate of the contract renewal between Son Heung-min and Tottenham.”

“The contract period between Son Heung-min and Tottenham is until June 2023, and Tottenham has to make a profit through the transfer fee,” the media said. “Bayern Munich plans to wait until Son Heung-min and Tottenham have a year left to sign the contract.”

If Son Heung-min does not renew his contract with Tottenham, he will push for Son Heung-min through the transfer market next summer. If Son Heung-min refuses to renew his contract for Tottenham, he will have to transfer him next summer to receive a transfer fee.

“There are Serge Navri (26), Kingsley Comant (25) and Leroy Sane (25) in Bayern Munich, but Son has been better than them in recent years,” said Football Insider. “He is now known as one of the most threatening strikers in the English Premier League.”

“Son Heung-min, who is in his sixth season at Tottenham, is in his prime with Harry Kane (28),” he added. “He played 270 games in Tottenham and scored 103 goals and 63 assists.”

Bayern Munich, which has been mentioned as a transfer to Son Heung-min, is one of the big clubs in Germany as well as Europe, including 30 German Bundesliga titles and 6 UEFA Champions League titles.This season is led by Hanji Flick (56, Germany).

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