Be careful of the pain during the holiday season

The exciting vacation season is coming. In the summer, when outdoor activities increase, the number of traffic accidents increases as vehicle traffic increases. You should always make every effort to drive safely so that a pleasant vacation does not get ruined by a traffic accident.

Traffic accidents that do not show specific trauma, such as bleeding or fractures, can also leave various damages on our bodies. Therefore, if you have an unexpected accident at your vacation spot, you should visit the hospital as soon as possible for an accurate examination.

If abnormal symptoms repeat after traffic accidents, this is a warning from our bodies. “Strong impact by vehicle-to-vehicle collisions can cause damage to muscles and ligaments and bleeding,” said Lee Han-sol, head of the Eungye branch of the Oriental Car Network. “This can lead to a combination of internal symptoms such as headaches, vomiting and dizziness, as well as mental shocks such as general lethargy, depression and insomnia.”.

The aftereffects of traffic accidents are a combination of various symptoms. If left unattended for a long time, it is likely to become chronic. Our body is an organism that is closely related to all parts of the body, and pain in the waist and neck can worsen to discs or scoliosis. As such, it is necessary to find and improve the cause of traffic accident syndrome.

In oriental medicine, the cause of aftereffects is blood transfusion. Blood refers to waste in which a momentary strong shock is applied to the body and the blood fails to circulate properly in the body and hinders circulation in the muscles and joints. It does not stay in one place but wanders all over the body, causing pain and various internal symptoms.

Chinese medicine, cerebrospinal fluid circulatory acupuncture, moxibustion, electric acupuncture, cupping, and chuna to remove blood and relax knotted muscles I enforce the law, etc. Various tests such as Seoljin, pulse, peripheral vascular circulation test, and stress index test are conducted to design treatment programs suitable for the patient’s constitution.

First of all, herbal medicine, which is prepared according to the constitution, helps clear blood production, removes the blood vessels, and reinforces the weakened energy. Afterwards, it stimulates muscles and ligaments around the stiff spine due to traffic accidents to relax muscles. 강남안마 Is it cold at this time Law and acupuncture therapy are mainly used.

“Chuna Manual Therapy is a representative non-surgical treatment method without the process of drug treatment, incision or anesthesia,” said Choi Byung-chul, head of Cheongdam Oriental Medicine Hospital at the Gumi City Hall branch of the Oriental Car Network. “It relieves the balance of the body twisted by the impact of the accident and reduces pain by directly stimulating the nerves. It is expected not only to balance the entire spine such as back, neck and pelvis, but also to improve joint diseases such as shoulder, knee and jaw.”.

But, is it cold Since the law is manual therapy, the effect varies depending on the skill of the operator. It is recommended to avoid osteoporosis or weak joints. Before starting treatment, it is important to check whether the medical institution has sufficient clinical experience and operates a systematic treatment program for post-traffic accidents.

Car accident treatment can be covered by car insurance for the accident vehicle. All items related to traffic accidents (MRI, X-ray, etc.), oriental medicine treatment (Yakchim, Chuna, Doin Exercise Act, Oriental Medicine), and hospitalization costs are covered by insurance. As more and more places are offering night care and weekend care for the convenience of patients, it is recommended to start treatment early.

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