I’ll arrange the small business loan

When I borrow the original money, when I can not pay it, it is called guarantee to pay it instead. In order to borrow funds, we need to find a place to support this guarantee and the loan approval is determined according to its availability. If my credit rating is low or my income is low, I will be denied subscription and it is difficult to borrow money. But the Seoul Metropolitan Government will use the Seoul Shinbo Foundation to proceed with all of these procedures. If you borrow 20 million won for five years, the guarantee rate should be 0.5% per year, which will cost 340,000 won for five years. The Seoul Metropolitan Government’s Unconventional Support! However, the Seoul Metropolitan Government will also pay the cost of this 340,000 won, and it will also support interest expenses. It will support the full amount of the loan for the first year and the interest rate of 0.8% in Seoul for four years from then on. 0.8% of the interest rate that is borrowed and confirmed is quite advantageous because the city of Seoul gives it instead. The limit you can borrow depends on your credit score and the period you run your business. If the credit score is 880 or more, the total limit is 70 million won, 80 million won for 840 ~ 879, 50 million won for 780 ~ 839, 40 million won for 745 ~ 779, 20 million won for 710 ~ 774. If you use this money, you can use it for a long time without borrowing money from the bank, which is a great help in solving the difficulties of the business. 2021 Among the small business loan system, the method of applying for financial support for the Seoul Metropolitan Government and the application limit were arranged separately. Currently, there are so many contents such as proxy loans, emergency loans, rental support for small business owners (recommended to use operating funds), and government support funds such as employment-linked funds, which are currently being implemented by the Ministry of SMEs and Startups, Recently, private financial companies have been deceiving government funding and selling their products. So it’s necessary to use accurate information. I clearly state that I have only organized the government support system. Small business loans also vary depending on the credit rating, but they also provide special loans in difficult times like these days. Shinhan Bank, Hana Bank, Industrial Bank of Korea, and other banks provide small business loans. Corona 1. small business owners’ loan and support system What’s your 폰테크 current address? Recently, the Ministry of SMEs and Startups announced that it will carry out a zero interest rate loan system to build a financial safety net for small business owners. It is because many of the self-employed people have credit below grade 6, so it is very difficult to use 2021 small business loans. We have released a lot of ultra-low interest rates and said that we will provide various support to prevent self-employed people from collapsing. Here is a summary of the support provided by the Small Business Market Promotion Corporation. In the case of the closing store re-challenging subsidy and the closing store re-challenging subsidy, it is the fund to support those who prepare for employment or re-start-up among small business owners who have reported closure since August 16, 2020, according to the re-proliferation of Corona 19. The payment amount is 500,000 won, and you can get it if you have operated for more than 90 days before the closing report.

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