To customers who ordered two or more scrapings

Ignoring it since last year or two!!
Finally, I tried it
I saw the new world of mitral muscle massage
I’ve been using it every 강남피쉬안마 day since I received it

Friend who has become a must-have item by bed these days
Let me write a review of Aroman scraping!

It’s perfect for mitral muscle massage! “Ah, romance” ignoring

​It’s divided into two types: face and body
Face scraping: FM (Face Maker)
Body scraping: BB (Body Beauty)

It was called like this
I chose Body Services BB
It’s a good match for body scraping
I also received the aromane slimming oil

The facial therapist is a little smaller than the body therapist
It’s a little cheaper

The package isn’t bubble wrap
You came on paper and sent me something eco-friendly
Even better! He used paper tape too!

Aroman slimming oil 58,000 One (online street)

Armon oil is also recommended for body / face purposes
Caming oil for the face
There is slimming oil for body use

Armon oil expert
The aromatherapist Yoon Mi-yeong co-produced it
Ah romance slimming oil
Scent: Phytoncide-filled scent of cyprus
A blend of fresh and sweet flavor of grapefruit

Aroman oil doesn’t contain mineral oil
I don’t block the pores!
Use a lot of oil and check the ingredients when you have trouble
Honestly, it doesn’t smell like grapefruit
I can feel the phytoncide-filled scent
It feels cool and pleasant, so I feel better after massage

It doesn’t leave a deep reverberation
Eun-eun~ If you do it before going to bed, it will help you sleep well

Aroman slimming oil is less sticky
It has good absorption and moisturizing power
I like Balim too. When I rub it with contempt
It’s perfect for a massage without any slippage or discomfort

I’m a very watery type
That’s how much I pumped three times in my hand!

Arman BB General Manager 77,800 One

The Armon scraping with the pouch
With the CEO of famous celebrity massage shop ‘Mire by Hyejung’
They said it was made together

For your information, Jeong Ryeo-won, Lee Ha-nee, Jang Yoon-ju, Lee Min-jeong, and Bae Doo-na attend the massage shop

It’s made of 100 percent natural white clay
With premium china scraping
It is made of domestic soil without worrying about heavy metals!

It’s baked three times
My composition is strong too!
But since it’s pottery, don’t drop it
Please keep it carefully

Down zone W zone V zone up zone wave zone acupressure zone
The six parts are divided
Honestly, I think I can do it myself and do whatever I want
It was cool no matter what
But I did it There’s something more comfortable here to fit your body line

Pump aroma oil 2-3 times
Smell the aroma and apply it to the massage area
I give you a massage!
If you work too hard, you might get bruises like me

I did a mitral muscle massage
It’s really cool
I usually don’t have a good posture and I work on the computer for a long time Bonny
Mitral or shoulder pain was always bad
Did you get rid of the trapezius the next day just because I did this a little?

I think my body got lighter the next day?
I looked in the mirror to see if it was the effect of scraping

If you don’t apply anything, it can irritate your skin
Please use oil or body lotion together!
I’m also applying oil to your skin, so your skin becomes soft as well

After I do it, it feels really cool the next day
I feel like I don’t need to do mitral muscle massage
I’m totally satisfied with ignoring you

I’m using my entire body
I think it’ll be cool if I wear my back
I can’t do it alone, so I’m doing everything except my back
They also do belly and side dishes
Your side is also very effective
I feel like I have something on my side!

And the calf that was the most effective!
My calves are swollen a lot, but I became slim the next day
I’m not sure if it’s because I’m a bit strong
I usually do massage very hard
I tried so hard that I saw four or five bruises on my calf the next day
A little round?
But it’s not a serious bruise. It’ll go away soon

With acupressure zones, you can apply acupressure on the soles of your feet and hands
It feels cool when you scratch your scalp
I learned it at a massage shop. You need to loosen the back of your ears
I heard you can lift your face and your face will get smaller
Scrubbing over there too

It feels cool just by taking it anywhere
People who like massage
I would also recommend mitral massage for those who need it separately

It’s on our website
To customers who ordered two or more scrapings
An oil gift event worth 65,000 won is underway

A review event/instragram event is also going on
Details and products can be purchased on the official website below

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