Recommendation for Rehabilitation Recommendation Recent Loans

The part where the lawyer’s ability is the best to check and feel that he needs help is the recommendation for personal rehabilitation correction. Usually, debtors tend to think that if they are only satisfied with the applicant’s qualifications when they proceed with the rehabilitation process, they will be able to proceed without difficulty. However, you should carefully examine whether there is any reason to dismiss your personal rehabilitation according to your situation after that, with the basic premise of the applicant qualification. The reasons for rejection are often revealed in the process of recommending individual rehabilitation correction. For example, if the main use of the recent loan is gambling, stock, entertainment, or the spouse’s property is excessively large If you have been exempted within the last five years, you can be dismissed for various reasons. Therefore, before proceeding with the rehabilitation process, please check in detail whether there is any factor that can be dismissed in your situation and proceed with the rehabilitation process according to the help of a professional lawyer. ‘Accrediting the person eligible for rehabilitation/free confirmation of reasons for disregard’ The reasons for rejecting personal rehabilitation are as follows. Before reading this article, please check according to your situation. 1. Where he/she is not eligible for application; 2. Where the applicant continues to delay the submission of documents, even though there is no special circumstance; 3. Where he/she submits a false document or omits it; 4. Where the person fails to pay the expenses for personal rehabilitation within the deadline; 5. Where it is not suitable for the general interests of creditors; What I will look at today is ‘if you submit a false document or omit it’. Often, this situation is a mistake made by many applicants when the recommendation for personal rehabilitation correction comes down. Especially if you are not getting the help of the law office ‘Just wait, even though the documents came down from the court, or just throw the papers and prepare yourself.’ They say that they often talk with each other. If that happens, the client has appointed a law office to get professional help, but if he does not receive any help, he will be embarrassed. In the end, the case may be dismissed and you may have to look at the law office 폰테크 again from the beginning and apply for personal rehabilitation. Therefore, please be careful about the benefits, so please appoint a law office with skills and systems so that you can proceed without any disadvantages in the rehabilitation process. ‘If you read it before you appoint a law office You’ll be able to appoint yourself as a safe enough place.’ If you look at local newspapers like intersections and flea markets, there are a lot of ads about regeneration and bankruptcy. Personal rehabilitation The reason for the recent loan A Case of L, a Gambling In the case of Mr. L, he was a family leader who went to the company as an ordinary worker who was no different from others. But I felt skeptical about free life and went to an illegal gambling place with the recommendation of a friend. At first, I was faithful to my life even when I thought about my children, but I felt alienated as the children grew up. Mr. L, who was gambling to meet the loneliness of being alone, eventually got a huge loan due to gambling. I broke all the stocks and savings I had at the time, and I was all in gambling, and the situation got worse and I knew my spouse. My spouse was angry that he would divorce if he did not stop gambling, and Mr. L, who was soon alerted, applied for personal rehabilitation after organizing everything.

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