You can apply for free materials and get counseling.

These days, I watch more TV and YouTube at home. In my case, I have been playing outside since I was young, and I have a computer, so I spend a lot of time at home. Kids are watching more TV and smartphones. A very bad habit in the child’s brain activity. We recommend that a little bit to come together. I was thinking about it, and I was looking for play to play with my kids, and I started working as a bookkeeper.

Reading is very basic, so from the basics, learning a solid curriculum, reading education from childhood to later growth, and the impact of reading is growing. Emotional development, vocabulary improvement, emotional purification, self-expression, and later, the school writes book reports well. The person who teaches with various activities is a reading instructor.

I am very popular with housewives because I stay at home at this time of the year. You can be an instructor as soon as you start. I understand the importance of reading education for children, and it is important to train them in their reading habits. I looked around and applied for an online lecture at the Korea Post-school Teacher Academy.

After applying to the academy, 마사지구인 please send all the sample materials and initial products to your home free of charge. I’ve also signed up for a sample lecture myself. I thought that if I study hard in class, I would be able to take online courses and take classes at home, on the bus, anywhere in the subway.

Also, offline lectures, which are held once a month, are really helpful in field practice. I participated unconditionally. In case of certificates, it is very easy, so I passed quickly and now I am making good profits.

In the book play class, you can listen to various music fairy tales and enjoy reading books. You can develop your creativity and teach your child only good things through your own presentation and discussion. I’m satisfied with my experience and my specs.

After obtaining the certificate, you can work through various channels such as after-school teacher intern instructor, culture center reading instructor, etc. It was a popular job for men and women of all ages. Don’t hesitate to apply. The Academy will help you throughout your life as a member of the group. You can apply for free sample lectures and get counseling

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